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Leela Turanga hard raped by an alien!

I’m back again to continue posting… Usually Futurama Porn Blog sex actors are getting bored with their dull filming work and they are waiting impatiently for the long night to start with sex act! Imagine your top rated Leela Turanga participating in most popular sex acts… it is drawn so perfect it can make your body ejaculate all night long…

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Futurama Porn Story: "Leela and Amy – Chapter 1"

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Generally, when the Professor declared “Good news, everyone!” at any given time, he usually meant everything but. Today had been somewhat of an exception, as it was Valentine’s Day of 3005, and was kind enough to have given the crew the rest of the day off as soon as they’d finished their first delivery. Everybody thought that was great, but by the time it came, Leela had decided that the news wasn’t good at all.

“Well everything seems to be in order,” Hermes announced at the conference table, rustling the day’s finished paperwork through his fingers. “I suppose that means you can all leave, right Professor?”

“Oh my, yes,” the elderly man nodded with a wrinkled smile. “So long everyone! See you tomorrow, et cetera. Bye!”

“Wait?” asked Fry suspiciously. “I’ve been meaning to ask you all day, why are you being so nice to us?”

“Oh! That’s simple,” Farnsworth grinned. “I managed to work out a rather indecent proposal with a sexy, younger, mad scientistess colleague of mine from Mars University. Seems she wanted a particular doomsday device made and couldn’t pay with cash, so is willing to spend this evening with me instead. It will be a night to remember, ohhh yes.”

He thinks in his mind about what might be in store for him: him sitting at a table with her, on which sits a holographic board game. She wears a hooded black cloak and he has a barbarian styled horned helmet and fur coat.

“You destroy th Continue reading

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See how horny Amy Wong from “Futurama” fucking with three guys

Futurama Porn Blog hentaiRecent Futurama Porn Blog hentai only at this place! Remember your hot Amy Wong being involved the wildest porn action… it is drawn so perfect it will force your blood full of adrenaline! Futurama Porn Blog XXX’s heroes been imaging of violently raping Amy Wong for and when once caught her, they raped her at last ;)

Olsen Twins sex parodies

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Girls from “Futurama” as a fuckdolls

Hot new post again… Became wet hottie named Amy Wong got hot and raped in her pussy by superheroes. I want to show you few nice Futurama Porn Blog hentai pics, full of sexual energy as everything here…

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