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Futurama Porn Story: "Leela and Amy – Chapter 1"

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Generally, when the Professor declared “Good news, everyone!” at any given time, he usually meant everything but. Today had been somewhat of an exception, as it was Valentine’s Day of 3005, and was kind enough to have given the crew the rest of the day off as soon as they’d finished their first delivery. Everybody thought that was great, but by the time it came, Leela had decided that the news wasn’t good at all.

“Well everything seems to be in order,” Hermes announced at the conference table, rustling the day’s finished paperwork through his fingers. “I suppose that means you can all leave, right Professor?”

“Oh my, yes,” the elderly man nodded with a wrinkled smile. “So long everyone! See you tomorrow, et cetera. Bye!”

“Wait?” asked Fry suspiciously. “I’ve been meaning to ask you all day, why are you being so nice to us?”

“Oh! That’s simple,” Farnsworth grinned. “I managed to work out a rather indecent proposal with a sexy, younger, mad scientistess colleague of mine from Mars University. Seems she wanted a particular doomsday device made and couldn’t pay with cash, so is willing to spend this evening with me instead. It will be a night to remember, ohhh yes.”

He thinks in his mind about what might be in store for him: him sitting at a table with her, on which sits a holographic board game. She wears a hooded black cloak and he has a barbarian styled horned helmet and fur coat.

“You destroy th Continue reading

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Futurama Porn Story: "Leela and Amy – Chapter 2"

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It was the day after Valentine’s Day, and packages needed to be delivered as usual.

“Where in Luxemburg is Leela?” Hermes grumbled at the Planet Express conference table. Around it sat Fry, Bender, and the Professor.

“It is unusual for her to get here later than us,” noted Fry. “Especially after a day off.”

“Maybe she got lucky last night?” Bender suggested with a chuckle.

“No fair!” growled Fry. “She can’t if I didn’t!”

“I knew you’d screw it up,” Bender laughed. “What did you do?”

“I don’t want to discuss tit,” Fry answered, then shook his head. “It. Discuss it.”

The door behind them slid open, Leela entering rather reluctantly, her eye scanning the room quickly, but thoroughly.

“Finally,” Hermes sighed before snapping, “You’re late!”

“Sorry,” Leela said, approaching sheepishly. “D-do we have a mission?”

She sat down beside Fry, who looked at her with concern. “Are you okay?” he asked her.

“Fine,” she answered too quickly and unconvincingly. “No problem.”

She paused.

“Amy in yet?” came a follow-up, and rather snappish, query from the captain.

“She’s working on the ship,” said the Professor. “Making sure it’s ready and won’t kill you all unexpectedly, and whatnot…”

“Can we get on with the mission?” Hermes grumbled. “I have some forms to fill out that I’ve scheduled to take exactly a certain amount of time.”

“What’s the mish?” Fry asked.

“You have to deliver a crate of eggs to Flapjack Seven, the pancake planet,” Farnsworth smiled. “From there you’ll pick up several barrels of maple syrup, which you’ll deliver to Canada before coming back.”

“Why would Canada need maple syrup?” Bender asked. “I thought they were Continue reading

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Hentai Futurama Leela

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